How to Download

How to Download

How am I able to download files from

In order to download files from our site all you have to do is going to the desired tool’s article and press the download button. After you have pressed the download-button a new window is going to direct you to the download-mirror. We are using this download mirror to make sure we can deliver our tools even if our site has server issues, as well as secure our tools from bots and spam.

How to receive the file from the file-mirror?

In order to receive your file all you have to do is click the download button on the file-mirror and complete one of the surveys that are being displayed. Choose one and click on it. A new window is going to pop up and in order to complete it you have to input all the information you are asked for. Do not worry though, the surveys are free to complete and the whole process should not take more than a minute or two.

I still have problems downloading my file!

After you have completed the survey you should be able to download the file within the next 30 seconds. After you have downloaded the file feel free to use it as much as you want. Our tools are always up to date, working, safe and virus-free – if you have any trouble downloading or using our tools please feel free to contact us by commenting below any of our posts.

Thank you.


Why do you protect these downloads with these offers, why don’t you provide us direct link for download?
We protect these downloads with offers because we want real users to download and these offers limit the number of downloads.

Why these offers?
Offer is available to avoid the spammers, i.e. to protect the cheats from wrong intentioned people and to make sure that the download link will stay online.

How will you avoid spammers?
Offers are available which act as a filter so that only real users can download after filling that offer.

Are these programs virus – free?
Yes! We provide programs after testing them with all types of antiviruses, all the applications are scanned and so all programs are 100% secure and safe. You will not detect any virus, if virus is being detected then just ignore it but that happens very rarely.

Will you remove these offers in near future?
Unfortunately, there will be this same way of downloading the cheats forever.

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